It Just Takes a Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That…

In regards to my post from last night, thanks to everyone for your wonderful comments. It’s nice to know that I can be honest about how I’m feeling about my weight and not be judged. I feel SO incredibly lucky to have so many people providing support and encouragement. Not sure what the breaking point was for me yesterday but I needed to get it all out. Thanks for listening – xoxo

Over all it wasn’t a bad day. I started off the morning with a yummy bowl of oats. It was simple mix of oats, UVAB and banana. Topped with banana slices, hulled hemp seeds sliced almonds and…..

I finally got to try it with the dark chocolate almond butter that Janna sent me!!! WOW! Umm, how can I ever go back to regular PB or AB?

Talk about a filling, tasty breakfast! Can’t wait to have it again actually. 🙂


In other exciting news I’m finally going to start my very first veggie garden this year!! Bossman has offered to help with the landscaping/topsoil and given me some guidance on where to buy seeds etc. I’m going to order a Compact Plant Trainer and some seeds from Veseys. Obviously, I’m going to try and go organic if possible. I’m just so excited just thinking about all the fresh veggies I’ll have. Hopefully I have a green thumb. LOL 🙂

I’ve also checked out “The East Coaster Gardner” from the library. It is HUGE and full of information on gardening specific to our area. I’ve had a chance to skim through it and will probably just pick up my own copy to have on hand.

I’ll be sure and keep you up to-date on my garden progress!


And last but not least – my thoughts on PopChips. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now so here goes….

PopChips sent me a case of their yummy snacks for me to review for the blog. They included a variety of flavours – I had no idea! Hubby was happy to be an official taste tester for quite a few. 😉

Never fried (unhealthy). Never baked (undelicious). Popchips start with the finest, natural ingredients, apply heat an pressure and pop! it’s a chip!
These are a great alternative to chips and mini rice cakes. They have a nice crunch and are very flavourful. Plus, they are low in calories – with a little over 100 cals per bag. To be honest I was surprised by the sodium content too, way lower then I expected. 🙂

Each bag contained a decent sized serving:

IMG_1741 IMG_1760
Sour Cream & Onion Hubby’s top pick
IMG_2232 IMG_2243
IMG_1872 IMG_1876
Salt & Pepper
IMG_1882 IMG_1885
Sea Salt & Vinegar – My top pick!
IMG_1791 IMG_1797
Parmesan Garlic
IMG_1933 IMG_1937
Cheddar2nd favourite
IMG_1945 IMG_1947

My overall thoughts are that these are a tasty treat! Perfect to sneak into the movies! 😉 Would I buy them? Absolutely! In Canada PopChips are available at Shopper’s Drug Mart. Have any of you tried Pop Chips? What’s your favourite flavour?

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