It’s A Yellow Aztek Allright. (Pic) Police Chase #Sackville


The above link is a story from this morning about a shooting incident in Halifax. This was the scene around 10 P.M. on Beaverbank Road. Below is some social media chatter as it went down:

“Just passed what seemed like a high speed chase with 2 cop cars and a car speeding past kent.

“The front of one cop car was completely smashed in I was running over pieces of it.”

“@HaliBreaking: Sackville Police chase involved yellow Pontiac Aztek, no official word on any connection to Parkland Dr shooting.”

“@HaliBreaking: RT @magatron666: Hi speed chase on Cobiquid Rd, 4 units chasing a yellow suv, spike strip was used on Glendale Dr”

“@HaliBreaking: RT @magatron666: @ErinTrafford @RCMPNS yes, I was in the 2nd last vehicle over the spikes before the suspect went over them,
suspects then went through parking lot, smashed through a snow bank and came back towards me on Glendale.”

“@HaliBreaking: RT @magatron666: @RCMPNS did a fantastic job given the amount of traffic, strip deployed perfectly and no room to pit the suspects.”

“@HaliBreaking: To reiterate, all information unconfirmed at this time.”

10:30… “@SueJ3: @sack_vegas Cops on foot with police dog walking from Sackville heights elem up old Sackville rd! What is going on?!”

That’s what I am seeing right now folks. By the looks of that last tweet this thing could still be going on so lock your doors and keep an eye out. Call the cops if you see anything suspicious.

Pics Of The #Sackville Chase From No Injuries.

Possible Police Chase Happening In #Sackville..Careful Folks!