It’s Challenge Time! Painting the town pink.

L-A: As you know, we love a good challenge. We usually do it for no reason other than we thought of something that could be a challenge. So when someone actually challenged us and had a reason for said challenge, we were all over it. The challenge?


All week, we’ll attempt to wear as much pink as we can, wear it in grown up ways and do it for a good cause.

The good cause?

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and Run for the Cure.

They’re going to paint Halifax pink and we’re going to help.

And exactly how are we going to help? By dressing Ally and Anthony in as much pink as possible, that’s how. It’s all a part of their plan to raise awareness about breast cancer and mark the 100 day countdown until the Run for the Cure.  It’s a whole week of pink events, including cupcakes and pink fountains around HRM. Here’s the schedule:

You may have noticed I said Ally and Anthony. While the natural assumption would be to accuse me of wimping out, that’s not the case at all. It’s because I honestly I don’t own much pink and my budget lifestyle says no buying five to seven new pink outfits for a challenge. I promise I’ll wear the pink I do own this week, but there isn’t much of it. Maybe I’ll use a lunch break this week to buy me some pink.

And, if you’re up for wearing pink this week, you can totally send us photos (fashionablepeople at gmail)  and we’ll include them on the blog during the challenge. Note that both ladies and dudes are welcome to join us in this challenge. We aren’t all bound up by gender norms when it comes to the pink. Which is why Anthony is also rocking the pink this week.

Okay, so, starting right now, at least one of us is wearing pink and if you spot us, you know why. Because this is an awesome cause. And we love challenges.

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