It’s like waiting for Santa!

AllyG: It feels like it has been MONTHS since we wrote a Favourite Friday posts. MONTHS. This is a good Friday to talk about favourites. I’d like to talk about how     L-A is my favourite co-blogger. I’m getting all teary, partially because I’m prego and hormonal, but L-A is so much fun to write with. We started this blog because we both love all things fashion. While admittedly we have a lot to learn (more me than L-A), we have a passion for it, and this blog allows us to dive in and read/breathe/eat fashion and share what we find with you all. Anyway, L-A is incredible, and I am super proud to be a part of this fun blog with her, and to call her a friend.

It’s incredible that after only three months of blogging (has it been longer?) we are now hosting our first ever fashion show (albeit a mini one). I hope all our local readers can make it out, we promise to be darling and funny. L-A will look fabulous, I’ll look a wee bloated, it will be EXCELLENT. Also, we have a fab line-up of local shops involved such as:

Sweet Pea (great column on Sweet Pea from one of our new twitter friends, Nadine LaRoche)

Love, Me Boutique

Pretty Things

Lady Luck Boutique

We’re just giddy.

So! Some quick faves of the week!

My friend Jenn who works with me at my Real Job introduced me to the music of Ray LaMontagne. As noted previously, I am v. hormonal lately. I was playing the CD she burned for me while driving home the other evening and I swear I was bawling along the Bedford Highway to this song:

Yes, I realize it is not necessarily fashion related, but I imagine myself wearing one of the outfits Kate Hudson wore in Almost Famous while rocking out to this song in an empty field. Or Sienna Miller while out and about at a music festival. Shut up. You know you think about mindless crap too.


I’m also totally adoring this blog because they talk about all things vintage!! It’s like the best flea market,but on the INTERNET. Anyway, their latest post talks about vintage shoes.

Vintage Shoes 

I heart the Italian vintage red sandals. I need vintage red sandals. My feet need vintage red sandals. All my vienna sausage feet are seeing lately are my havaianas flip flops (”THE BEST FLIP FLOPS IN THE WORLD”).

Lastly, in a shout-out to my friend Martin Delaney (add him on Twitter…he often says smart and witty things). I found the perfect suit for men via The Sartorialist.


‘magine if he worked in your office? ‘MAGINE???!!!

L-A: Awwww. You’re making me emotional! I’m getting a little verklempt…talk amongst yourselves…(or skip to 2:30 in the video)

But seriously. I love Ally to bits and pieces. She is like buttah and she won’t look at all bloated on stage. She is going to look MIA at Grammys fabulous:


9 months preggers! And killing it in sheer, clingy fabric! I’m not even sure I know what she means when she says that “no one on the corner has a swagga like us”, but I’m pretty sure she’s right about that. Holy frig. I wouldn’t be able to get away with such fabrics on the best of days. But for the occasion, I may consider a matching outfit:


That kids is what happens when non-pregnant people wear maternity wear. Thank you Agyness Deyn. Actually, I can’t decide if this getup is for the pregnant or the non-pregnant. I have a feeling it probably shouldn’t exist.

But I digress (again). I do have some actual fashion favourites I’ve discovered this week for you:

Pics of Gossip Girl’s Season Three being shot around NYC are popping up here and there. Aside from the general excitement over a new season, I just about died at the sight of some of the outfits we’ll be seeing Blair wearing:

90714w2-meester-b-gr-01-leighton-meester-blake-lively-gossip-girl 90713m5-meester-bgr-12leightonmeesteredwestwickgossipgirlsetfixed-thumb 90709x8-meester-bgr-11leightonmeesteredwestwickgossipgirlsetfixed-thumb

Okay, I’ll be honest with you. While I dig all three looks (FYI: the flip flops are not actually what Blair would wear with the dress. In the ever so stylish pretend world of Gossip Girl, she’d wear pink), two of them were mostly a cheap chance to incorporate our (okay, my) perennial Friday Favourite, Ed Westwick into the post. I’m sure the husband has figured out by now that I might have to leave him if Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass asked me to. Good thing for the husband that both are in serious relationships and one is fictional.  But the non-Chuck photo with blue stripey knit dress? That one is a Friday Favourite all on its own. It is a dress I’d maim for (a “DIMF” if you will). I’m on a hunt to find out more about that dress so that I can properly covet it.

Next up, and totally onto a different topic: I have a weakness for canvas totes. If I bring another one home, the husband might start calling Chuck Bass and asking him to come take me, just to clear the totes out of our apartment (although, let’s be honest, Chuck would never date a girl who owns as many canvas totes as I do). As much as I love cute purses, well made purses, giant leather bags, I still revert back to my canvas tote. Come to think of it, this should be a post for another day (and I really should make a note of when I write this. It would make blogging so much easier if I had an easy go-to list of post ideas). Anyway, as I was researching this program called the Bachelorette and it’s current stylish star, I came across Aritzia’s super awesome Vancouver 2010 Olympics merchandise. I’m not usually one for Official Event Merchandise (aside from the occasional concert tee or canvas tote bag), but this stuff is cute. One item that stood out?


The canvas tote, of course.  Since my dreams of going to the Olympics were dashed when we only got tickets for curling and not for figure skating (I’m no athlete. My only way into the Olympics is buying tickets in a lottery), I might have to purchase some of the cute merch.  Especially since the Aritzia stuff doesn’t look like the over the top cheesefest that other retailers (who shall remain nameless. You know who you are) have given us.

Okay, it’s late and I need to get some sleep, or else Sunday will come and I will have even deeper darker circles under my eyes.  We are seriously excited for Sunday and to share some fashionable local finds with you. And we’re excited to get to meet some of you in person. I got to meet our guest blogger Jo and regular reader Lia today, which was awesome. So if you are down on the waterfront, you should totally come and say hello to us. I wish we had something to offer our in person readers other than our fab selves, but alas, we are still too young to have gathered swag to give away.  Maybe I’ll bake some cupcakes. (Is that allowed? Will a health inspector shut us down if I give away cupcakes?). For those of you who can’t be there in person, well, the magic of the internets will let you see us on stage.  And we’ll use our magic mirror to see you.

stager invasion?!?

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