Over the past 4 months I’ve been enjoying beer and wine freely (too freely) and with that I haven’t been caring too much about how or what I’ve been eating!  The only thing that has been a saving grace is the fact that I’ve been working out fairly hard and even though my gym routine has been good, I’ve still managed to put on about 8 pounds.

Now that I’m back home from my stint in Europe, Christmas is over, New Years is behind us and it’s officially 2011, it’s now time to sober up and start eating well again.  This is where Jansober comes in.

Jansober is the month formerly known as January and it’s the month in which those of us who took advantage of the Holiday season to drink our faces off take time to sober up and go 31 days without alcohol.  I’m not talking 31 days without getting drunk, this is 31 days without a single drop of alcohol in your system.

Last March I went 35 days without booze and I lost 8lbs and I’m looking to do the same thing again this year.  I’ll be tweeting and blogging about my success, that’s right I said success, and I’m welcoming anyone and everyone to join me in Jansober and use the hashtag #Jansober on Twitter to track and talk about their success!

Here’s to being back on the wagon.

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