January 12

Well it’s been a crazy month and it is only January 12! We have had the most extraordinary weather, from -30 with howling winds and snow, to freezing rain ice storms with skating rink conditions to warm windy rainy nights.

..Quite invigorating really, I suppose I could say demoralising but we won’t go there. Luckily I’ve got a membership to an indoor facility with an enormous track so the weather has not hampered my ability to get some exercise.

I’ve been working hard. 2 larger commissions and lots of ideas for new paintings. The problem is finding the time. Isn’t it always! Running your own art business requires lots of mundane activities that eat up the hours….things like, purchasing supplies, ordering supplies, packaging, running to the post office, answering emails, printing, marketing, posting facebook updates, trying to stay on top of social media, research, fixing things when they don’t work, accounting, banking, delivering art, …. etc. then finally once can get to the business of making art which also takes time. Priming, sketching, resketching, painting, cleaning up the spills, hunting for colours, fixing mistakes, starting over again haha, varnishing, creative brainstorming etc… So, always busy.

Loving the early morning sunrises from the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market. In January the sun has swung round to the southeast as far as it can go and is slowly moving North again. I’m only there on Saturdays this month and then back to Sundays in February. If you want to hear more
about my activities, I post much more frequently on my Facebook Page. Click & have a look:)

Retales Jan 12: Michael Kors, Lion and Bright, HFXSports, SGR Coffee and maybe Urban Outfitters?


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