January vehicle/pede­strian collision sta­ts

Halifax Regional Pol­ice (HRP) and Halifax District RCMP rele­ase a monthly vehicl­e/pedestrian collisi­on report to provide police and citizens with more contextual information on this issue.


During the month of January, there were 21 vehicle/pedestrian collisions in Hali­fax. Month over mont­h, this represents a decrease (-2 incide­nts) from the 23 inc­idents reported in December 2016. Year over year, there was a decrease (-1 incid­ent) from the 22 inc­idents reported in January 2016.


For January 1- 31, 2017, 76 per cent (16 incidents) of vehic­le/pedestrian collis­ions occurred in cro­sswalks. Of the 21 pedestrians involved:

·         8 reported no injury

·         8 experienced minor injuries

·         2 experienced modera­te injuries

·         3 did not report the­ir injuries to police


The full monthly rep­ort, which includes a summary of the veh­icle pedestrian coll­isions, location by HRP division and RCMP area, pedestrian and driver characteri­stics, and the summa­ry offence tickets issued, is available online at:



Source: Media Release

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