Jemma Kidd giveaway

Ok, Hurrican Bill has come and gone. Squirt and I stayed in for the day, got some chores done. We were lucky not losing power but the wind was terrible. The sun came out around 6pm, a good sign that Bill was ready to leave the area. Phew!

Anyway, on to exciting news.
Em at Too Much Blush is having a Jemma Kidd giveaway to celebrate 300 followers on her blog.

This is one giveaway I don’t want to miss, as I have never had any experience with Jemma Kidd, as the brand seems to be available only in the UK, US, Australia and Hongkong, lol, lucky people. Some might find them at, but I never shopped there either.

Em has done a few looks with the products, all looked so pretty. So this would be a chance for me to try some luck winning a few products 🙂

Wanna join me? Make sure to enter by midnight, September 4. Good luck to all.

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