Job Board: Friends for Life – Teacher

childcareAre you looking to start a career in Early Childhood Education and would like to have the opportunity to work with children in a safe and learning environment?

Friends for Life Childcare Centre is currently seeking out one Full Time teacher as well as increasing our Substitute Teachers’ list to support our Full Time staff.

At Friends for Life, our philosophy is that we are a starting point for children that will lead into a lifetime of friendships as they grow up together in our community.

We believe that children learn through play, imitation and role modeling and it is through their own experiences that they will come to understand the world around them.

Our daily programs are based upon the children’s interests and will provide some structured activities while encouraging responsibility and fostering independence.

We ensure that children will experience the joy of learning while feeling loved and accepted. Their interests and needs are our greatest priority.

To become a Full Time teacher, you must have your Early Childhood Education, ECE training either equivalency, diploma or degree. If you are interested in a Substitute Teacher position, you do not have to currently have your early childhood education equivalency, diploma or degree however it would be a definite asset if you did.

In addition, Friends for Life Childcare Centre offers benefits and also is one of the top paying daycares around.

If you share the same philosophy, and this opportunity sounds like something you would like to explore, please do not hesitate to contact us at 850-2527 and ask for Wendy or Chrystal. You can also email us your resume to

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