Joe Fresh Chubby eyeshadow set

If you read my Boxing Week haul, you know what comes after Joe Fresh 5-piece Chubby lipstick set right?

It’s Joe Fresh 5-piece Chubby eyeshadow set.

Same price point ($10 down to $4.94, then to $2.44), thinner twist-up chubby sticks compared to the chubby lipsticks.

The directions are even more entertaining this time: Tilt head back and bring eyes to half-open position. Draw a narrow line across upper and lower lid above lashes. Smudge for a smoky eye or apply all over lid for more dramatic effect. Create your own look by layering colors 🙂

Similar packaging, and here’s the colours up close.

Sorry to say, no dramatic effects nor colour layering with these, unfortunately.

The colours look more lovely in the sticks than on my hand. I had so much hope with the gold and the purple, look what I got! 🙁

As you can see in the swatches, all shades, other than the black, are sheer. I have layered them quite heavily here trying show you the true colours, but it did not help much.

And the sad story does not just end at pigmentation. It continues with blendability and staying power.

The pencils go on a little slippery, which might explains why layering the colours does not increase pigmentation.

I would limit these to the lid area only, as they would disappear in the crease as soon as you try to blend them out. And within about 10 minute time after application, I had “crease city” on the lids.

For all those reasons, I cannot give this set any credit other than the black used as a upper lash liner. See tomorrow’s FOTD to see what I mean. 

The sticks are about 2/3 of the size of the lip pencils (0.06oz/ 1.7g each), also made in China. If you head out to Superstore, skip this set and check out the lipstick set instead.

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