June: Slightly Warmer Than Normal; Damp In The Southwest

Oakfield Hole number 5

Most reporting stations in June ended up with an average temperature slightly warmer than normal.  June was also a bit drier than normal in much of the Maritimes.  Cape Breton was the driest; but that was likely welcomed after the very wet May that they experienced. Southwestern sections of the Maritimes were actually wetter than normal: Saint John had 25mm above normal rainfall and Yarmouth received about the same amount, which for them, was more than 100mm higher than June one year ago (nobody wants a repeat of the drought from last year).

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While July began with a couple of rain systems, the first work week will have quite a bit of sunshine.  The monthly forecast is suggesting a warm July.  With additional warmth, some communities may experience precipitation extremes… droughts or downpours.

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Hurricane season has started. There is one disturbance currently in the middle of the tropical Atlantic.  Should that develop, it will be named “Don”. Enjoy the summer and stay safe…


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June: Slightly Warmer Than Normal; Damp In The Southwest