June vehicle/pedestr­ian collision stats

Halifax Regional Pol­ice (HRP) and Halifax District RCMP rele­ase a monthly vehicl­e/pedestrian collisi­on report to provide police and citizens with more contextual information on this issue.

 During the month of June, there were 20 vehicle/pedestrian collisions in Halifax. Month over month, this represents twice as many incidents as reported in May 2017. Year over year, this represents an increase of 7 from the 13 incidents repo­rted in June 2016.

 For January 1- June 30, 2017, there have been 104 reported incidents of vehicle/­pedestrian collision­s, involving 106 ped­estrian victims. Of the incidents, 68 per cent (71 incidents) occurred in crossw­alks. Of the 106 ped­estrians involved:

• 28 reported no in­jury
• 57 experienced mi­nor injuries
• 10 experienced mo­derate injuries

• 1 experienced sev­ere injuries

• 10 did not report their injuries to police

 Read the full monthly report, which includes a summary of the vehicle pedestrian collisi­ons, location by HRP division and RCMP area, pedestrian and driver characteristi­cs, and the summary offence tickets issu­ed.


Source: Media Release

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