Just Me & My Boy

Hi Everyone!  Here’s a candid photo of the little one (17 days old now!) and me this morning.  There’s no fixing of the hair although I am proud to say that I was able to brush my teeth!

Today is the husband’s first day back to work and it’s just me and the little one at home today.  The past two weeks gave me what I needed in the confidence department and I am totally at ease.  In fact the past entire week I have taken the reins almost in “practice” for it just being the two of us and to be honest, I’m finding it much easier than I had expected (I know I will eat my words later!).  As far as expectations go, labour and delivery was harder than I expected and being a breastfeeding Mommy to a newborn is easier than I expected.  I’m happy that the “harder” than expected part was just the temporary short term part 🙂

We are settled in quite nicely and while I am of course tired, he’s doing fantastic and at night his feedings are 3 hours apart at present, so it’s the best case scenario for newborn feedings.  During the day, he fights his naps a bit more and feeds a bit more frequently, but I’d rather that than during the night which of course can quickly change on a dime too.

This blog was a weight loss blog up until the little peanut made his presence into my life, but as my life changed and it became a pregnancy blog.  This blog is going to again become a weight loss blog because bloggies, I definitely have some mucho weight to lose.  I’m not thinking about it or addressing it (or stepping on the scale either) until six weeks post partum when the doctor clears me for activity again.  I figure by then I will have the hang of this Mommy stuff and will be able to slowly incorporate tackling this weight loss journey of mine once again with a new badge of honour – Mommyhood.  It certainly wasn’t easy the first time without having a little someone else to think about before myself, but I have no doubt that I will find my way there again 🙂

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