JUSTICE–Families get Easier Access to Information on Support Payments

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JUSTICE–Families get Easier Access to Information on Support Payments

Families who rely on court-ordered child and spousal support payments now have easier access to information on their case files online.

People using the Maintenance Enforcement Program Online service will be able to connect to their accounts using their phones or tablets. Clients of the program will also be able to get immediate and accurate information about enforcement actions, money collected and still owed and other case updates.

The new service launched today, June 28, also allows clients to print documentation on payments received and owing, as well as connecting more easily with their program caseworkers. They can also subscribe to payment notifications online.

“We have made a lot of progress strengthening the Maintenance Enforcement Program for families through legislation, technology and staff training and hiring” said Justice Minister Mark Furey. “This represents another step forward in improving service to our clients.”

The new service will also help staff manage cases better and make more timely enforcement decisions. It will support better oversight for cases so staff can identify people who owe money and ensure payment timelines outlined in departmental policy are met.

The program collects and distributes approximately $230,000 a day or $5 million a month to families enrolled in the program.

This improved access to information using mobile devices is part of government’s overall strategy to increase the effectiveness of the Maintenance Enforcement Program.

Over the past year, program staff have initiated more than 30,000 enforcement actions, an increase of 29 per cent from the previous year.

Outstanding payments are down 10 per cent from May 31, 2018, and now stands at $56.8 million, the lowest level in a decade.

For more information on the Maintenance Enforcement Program, visit https://mep.novascotia.ca/ .

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