Kat Von D Spellbinding e/s book

This is a quite talked-about palette I am excited to show you – Kat Von D Spellbinding eyeshadow book. Bear with me while I post about holiday items even when the Sephora sales are over 🙂

The box and the palette front feature Kat Von D’s art work.

The palette is thin, easy to tote around but does not come with a mirror. The protective clear plastic sheet over the eyeshadows, with individual shade names printed on it, is not really necessary, IMO. Printing the names right on the palette, and we are friends.

The palette comes with 24 eyeshadows in both neutral and bold shades in matte, metallic and shimmery/ glittery finishes.

The formula is infused with rose extract, supposed to keep the skin around the eyes hydrated, be long lasting and crease free.

First row, from L-R: Dark Throne, Precious, Babe and Piaf
Second row: Sunset Blvd, 8 Bit, Geek and Fallen
Third row: Holy Bible, Oddfellow, Birdcage and Gunner
Fourth row: Instaglam, Stupid Autocorrect, Galore and Hexagram
Fifth row: Smile Now, Cry Later, Arcadia and Wonderland
Last row: Queen, Bukowski, Countess and WTF.

First group of 6, top left corner, 2 each row: Dark Throne, Precious, Sunset Blvd, 8 Bit, Holy Bible and Oddfellow.

This is the least exciting group, just because the light shades need some building up and the dark shades are quite close to each other. Oddfellow‘s beautiful aqua glitters show up the best on top of a dark base as its own base is not fully opaque, but I do like it. Dark Throne is one black/ gunmetal shade that every palette needs.

Second group, bottom left corner: Instaglam, Stupid Autocorrect, Smile Now, Cry Later, Queen and Bukowski.

Another MAC Club look-alike – Queen is still beautiful as the name suggests. Bukowski is sheer at first swipe but beautiful at 2 layers. My favorite in this group, however, is Cry Later, quite pigmented and goes with almost every look I do. Instaglam and Stupid Autocorrect follow suit.

Third group, top right corner: BabePiaf, Geek, Fallen, Birdcage and Gunner.

Another difficult purple – Babe takes 3 swipes to show up like you see here, and Birdcage is in a similar situation. Fallen is metallic and pigmented, a dream to use.

Last group, bottom right corner: Galore, Hexagram, Arcadia, Wonderland, Countess and WTF.

More metallic goodness here with Galore and Hexagram, they are great to play with. Needless to say though, my eyes are drawn to Wonderland and WTF (lol at the name) and they do not disappoint. WTF leaves a bit of staining on my hand but a makeup remover would take care of it. Countess is the preferable matte brow bone highlight shade and Arcadia is great in the inner lids. My favorite group of colours!

For the money – $66 (values $130, Limited Edition), the palette is a great combination of shades that works for almost everyone from neutral girls to strong colour lovers. No bad shade but one or two need some building up to look good. A look is to follow tomorrow.

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