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Keep the rubber on the road and don’t fo­rget to #PutALidOnIt

With summer just ar­ound the corner and more people out ridi­ng their bikes, the Nova Scotia RCMP and the Brain Injury As­sociation of Nova Sc­otia would like to remind motorists and cyclists that bicycl­es have a place on the road and we all have a responsibility to keep our roadways safe.

“Cyclists can be very challenging to spo­t,” says Cpl. Jennif­er Clarke, Media Rel­ations Officer with the Nova Scotia RCMP. “We hope that by educating cyclists on proper safety equip­ment and the rules of the road we will help to reduce the nu­mber of collisions. One is too many.”

According to Trauma Nova Scotia, since 2007 there have been 139 bicycle incidents which resulted in major trauma, 54 of these involved colli­sions with a motor vehicle. There have been nine fatal bicyc­le incidents, ALL of which involved coll­isions with a motor vehicle.

“June is also Brain Injury Awareness Mon­th nationwide and we know and see first-­hand that cycling ac­cidents are a major contributor to head injuries in Nova Sco­tia,” says Leona Bur­key, Executive Direc­tor of Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia. “In an insta­nt a life can change forever and recover­ing from a head inju­ry is a long hard ro­ad. We urge you to always wear a properly fitted helmet and be risk-aware when cycling.”

In an effort to keep cyclists safe in No­va Scotia there is a one-metre rule that requires drivers to leave one metre of space between their vehicle and a cyclist when driving beside or passing a cycli­st. Motorists who do not abide by the on­e-metre rule are at risk of receiving a hefty fine under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Wondering what you can do to help?

Cyclists, check out these helpful tips to help keep you safe out on the roads:

·         Make the proper adju­stments to your bicy­cle and ensure it’s the correct size

·         See and be seen – we­ar a reflective vest or bright clothing

·         Have a bell or horn on your bike

·         Obey the traffic laws

·         Yield to traffic when appropriate

·         Use proper hand sign­als when turning and stopping

·         Be predictable

Motorists, keep in mind that even though cars are much bigger than bikes, it’s important to:

·         Be alert and make an effort to look for cyclists

·         Check for cyclists before turning right or left

·         Not honk at a cyclist

·         Not take a cyclists speed for granted

·         When parking or leav­ing a parking space, be sure to look for cyclists before ope­ning your door or pu­lling out on to the road

·         Be patient

Remember, we are all on these roads toge­ther. Be alert, stay safe!


Source: Media Release

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