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Greetings from Kielce Day 5

Before we left Warsaw this morning we visited the Canadian Embassy where we were welcomed by the Canadian Charge d’Affaires and the Embassy team – it was a great experience – so now we know what an Embassy does! We weren’t allowed to take our cameras into the Embassy due to security but they will send some photos to us at the end of our trip.

Then we drove about 200km to the children’s cancer hospital in Kielce. We met with about 15 children in the hospital and delivered boxes of toys and games – we were Canadian Santa Clauses come early! We helped to put together the toys in their playroom and we played with the children for a long time. We all had a fantastic, and emotional, time and everyone interacted with the children really well.

The hospital staff was very friendly and there was a TV news crew, a radio station and a newspaper journalist there to cover the event!

Then we went to a separate room to meet our first wish child, Michael, who is 13 and suffering from leukemia. Michal has been in hospital for several months (and he has more months in hospital ahead of him) and he is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. We presented him with his wish gift – a professional camera – and he really loved it. He was taking pictures of everyone and afterwards we played table soccer in the playroom with him.

The children and the hospital were all very thankful – not only for the new toys but to also have the opportunity to spend time meeting new people.

It was a great day and after dinner in the evening we each took turns talking about our experiences and what we will remember the most from today. We can’t wait for tomorrow to deliver more wishes.

Goodnight from Kielce




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