Kettlebells, Oh How I Love You

This month on the Healthy Living Blogs site they asked, “What’s your number 1 healthy living tools that you can’t live without” and without hesitation I immediately said aloud, “kettlebells”.

I’ve been doing kettlebell training off and on for over a year and it’s one of my favorite training sessions that I do.  I’m not a fan of doing the standard types of cardio like running, biking or rowing, but I do know that cardio is needed in my life as a balance (and because it’s good for my heart) so I use kettlebell training as my cardio.  It’s a great way for me to get my heart rate up, burn some SERIOUS calories, build strength and lean muscle all at the same time.  There aren’t too many workouts out there that can do all of that at the same time.  I’d even have to say that I was at my most toned when I was doing kettlebell training 3-5 times a week.

There are far too many benefits to kettlebell training for me to list here but I will and can say that if you want a great workout and the chance to get in shape, gain strength, build cardio, lengthen muscles and just feel good overall, look in to doing some kettlebell training.

As much as I love kettlebell training, unfortunately I’ve had to put it to the wayside for the past two months due to injury.  I didn’t get injured doing KB training; in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever hurt myself using a kettlebell and if you know me, I’m prone to injury, so that’s saying something.

The main reason I haven’t hurt myself doing KB training is because when I was learning how to use kettlebells I had proper instruction from a properly trained and certified kettlebell instructor and I recommend you seek out the same professional personal training if you’re going to pick one of these bad boys up.

Since starting kettlebell training I’ve progressed to creating my own workouts and videos demonstrating some kettlebell workouts.  I’ll list these below along with some other posts about my “fun” I’ve had getting my ass kicked doing kettlebell training.

Have you ever tried kettlebells?  Would you give them a shot? “What’s your number 1 healthy living tools that you can’t live without”


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