Kinder Eggs and Easter Traditions in Our House

Kinder Eggs and Easter Traditions in Our House

Kinder Easter Basket Minus the MinI Eggs!

Hard to believe that Easter is around the corner with snow on the ground and it still below 0 here in Toronto today, but it is around the corner and one of the perks of being a Kindermom was this beautiful basket sent by Kinder Canada. It arrived while my daughter was home so there was no hiding it. She even as a teen loves her Kinder as you can tell by the photo. Notice the missing mini eggs? They have been devoured and if you look closely see the big egg well it has been opened so she could find out what the toy was and well the Frog had her jumping because she loves frogs. Now enough of how my teen still devours Kinder when it comes in the house.

I wanted ask you what are some of your Easter traditions?

For us growing up we had certain Easter rituals. There was always a new dress and well church was mandatory no matter what you said you believed in that moment. There was always the Easter egg hunt, and dinner was always the very best ham and pineapple and scalloped potatoes and seeing on the table was always a bowl of beautifully decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs.

Today we still do the traditional egg hunt in the park that is across the street, we still get the new outfit but the menu has changed a bit but the dessert has remained the same lemon pie and carrot cake. As for egg decorating well it is always a must do, usually done Good Friday afternoon in our house. So what Easter traditions or rituals do you have in your house?

Now as a Kinder Mom I did want to also let you know about a couple of very special things first if you have not liked the  Kinder® Canada Facebook page you need to do so like now. Why? Because sharing is caring. KINDER® Canada, who will be donating $1 to Children’s Miracle Network of Canada for every new friend of their Facebook Page from March 1st to 31st, up to $25,000. Isn’t that a great reason!

As well Harry, the lovable mascot of KINDER® Canada maybe coming to a city near you. He will be making appearances at family events in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary & Vancouver this March to celebrate Easter and spread the joy with FREE samples of Kinder® Mini eggs. Stay up to date on where Harry will be by checking the Kinder® Canada Facebook page. Another reason to like the page!

Now Kinder will be apart of our Easter because well that too is a tradition. Now do tell me what are the traditions in your house?


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