Kristina Comuzzi Loves Basketball And Modeling

Catwalk Modeling for Kristina is fun. In this episode of The Pulse you can find out more about this Atlantic Fashion Week Model, what she likes and even a little description of her favorite garment she will be wearing on the catwalk.

HALIFAX – Hold onto your oversized accessories, fashionistas! =
Up-and-coming fall trends are ready to rock the East Coast during =
Atlantic Fashion Week. The semi-annual event will take place from March =
26 to 29, and will showcase independent and established local and =
international fashion designers.=20

After a tremendously successful launch last fall, Atlantic Fashion Week =
has made its mark and is here to stay.=20

“It’s hard to express in words how thrilled I am with the outcome of =
Atlantic Fashion Week since its debut,” says Angela Sotiropoulos, =
Director of Atlantic Fashion Week and owner of City Models, Atlantic =
Canada’s largest talent agency. “Atlantic Fashion Week will continue to =
support our region’s rapidly growing fashion industry, and will continue =
to elevate our local designers to show the nation that Atlantic Canada =
is a force not to be over looked.”=20

In addition to the likes of the media parties and main stage events that =
dazzled Halifax last year, Ms. Sotiropoulos is thrilled to announce that =
Atlantic Fashion Week will be teaming up with the Spring Garden Road =
Merchants Association this season. With details soon to be released, =
three separate retail events featuring boutiques that support local =
designers will take place throughout Spring Garden Road, and will be =
free to the public.=20

“The first Atlantic Fashion Week was fantastic and I was honoured to be =
a part of it,” says Anna Gilkerson, founder and designer of clothing =
boutique, Deux FM. ” There are so many talented designers (in Atlantic =
Canada) that it just makes sense to hold this bi-annual event; we all =
deserve it! I am impressed by what Atlantic Fashion Week offers to us as =
designers, and I am greatly thankful. I look forward to the upcoming =
week and trust that Angela’s hard work will continue to garner much =
attention in the seasons to come.”=20

For more information on the schedule of events, sponsors and more, =
please visit


To be credited as a member of the press and receive passes to attend =
Atlantic Fashion Week events, please fill out the Media Accreditation =
form at And you will receive free media =
passes to the event.

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