L-A? You Know you Love Me xoxo Ally

AllyG: L-A do I ever have a present for you! I’m praying that you didn’t discover this while I was off on blog maternity leave (not that I didn’t read the blog EVERY SINGLE DAY while I was off…ok, I missed a couple of days. Cut me some slack, I had major surgery and was sent home with a pint size noise machine who I ADORE). Anytheways, while I was at BabyG’s feeding station, otherwise known as my bedroom, I was watching Much Music and learned that our very own Blair Waldorf is the featured singer in one of my favourite new pop songs! See? A REAL REASON to include a pop song on this blog! Yay!


A couple of things:

  1. Why can they never do Leighton’s hair like this on the show?
  2. Can we please learn how to do our eye makeup like Leighton? Shall I investigate?
  3. I need a tank top like the one she is wearing.

We’ll chat about last night’s episode of Gossip Girl in a super sec, but first, let’s chat about how the casual tee has now become a fashion statement. I fully endorse this move now that the casual tee is the only thing I can bear to put on at 5am when BabyG makes his debut each morning. I’m in Vogue!

In my opinion, LnA pretty much owns the market on the casual, yet sexy, tee.

(Photos courtesy of www.singer22.com a great resource to learn about popular designers)


Granted, I don’t condone the weird ass leggings. No one should.


At the risk of infuriating L-A (it’s so much fun first thing in the morning to get her all riled up, although it may mean no brownies for me next time we have our coffee-talk), I love the white t-shirt, coloured bra look. Seriously. I love it. Sure it’s slutty, but it’s Klassy-slutty (yes, that’s classy, but with a “k”). Note that Gwen matches her bra and purse! Bonus points!


I can’t get enough of the razor-back tank either. They are incredible when paired with some funky, beaded necklaces. They have the perfect “drape” to highlight all our fancy “jewels” around our dainty necks.


What’s that? Why YES, Nicole Richie DOES master that look whilst lolling about in her House of Harlow 1960 Black/Gold Sunburst Stations Necklace! Please note that the above is pretty much the outfit I have been wearing every single day since having BabyG. That’s right, I still got it. Also, my pre-pregnancy jeans still don’t quuuuuite fit.

Serena Van der Woodsen loves the razor back. True Story.


That outfit kills so much, oui?

L-A: Before I get started, I just need to rant (and not about the leggings or the nasty coloured bra/white shirt combo): Why don’t I own any plain black heels? I have an interview today and none of my shoes went with the dress I wanted to wear. Why would I even buy a dress without owning shoes to match?  Bah! I am frustrated with myself and the fact that all my friends have feet that are at least two sizes smaller than mine.

I digress.

I’m actually quite impressed that the crappy pop music video today is totally related to the subject at hand. Which, I think, is loosely related to Leighton Meester and tank tops.  I’m not a tank top girl. (I’m also not convinced about Leighton as a pop star…but I’ll leave it up to Ally to be the judge of that one). For me, they exist solely for layering. But I won’t judge (too much) if you wear them. I’m not entirely convinced on the slouchy t-shirt (for those of us who haven’t just given birth). Sure that expensive shirt with the just-so worn in look is cute on itsy bitsy celebs, but that makes the rest of us think we can pull it off and not look like slobs. But 99% of us can’t. We end up looking like this:


In defense of Hilary (don’t get used to it, it won’t happen much), this schlubby look was chosen for her by a stylist. Apparently this is what actresses who are looking for a “normal” college experience wear. Actually, I believe that. But it’s still schlubby.

And that brings us to some Gossip Girl talk. Which we haven’t had in some time, but Ally brought it up. It’s either that or I rant about schlubby t-shirts on celebrities and that wouldn’t be pretty.

So, I almost declared this most recent episode to be the one Where I Did Not Hate Everything Serena and Vanessa Wore (it was also the episode of the stunt casting. Tyra “played” crazy diva). Like the following on Serena:


The costume department on that show is addicted to the Hervé Leger. There was the high priced escort with a heart of gold dress, and now this skirt. I’m possibly seeing too much boob in the first shot, and definitely seeing bra in the promo with Tory Burch (who kind of looks uncomfortable. But I like her dress and jewelry). I try to keep the prude in me to a minimum, especially when it comes to younger women who can get away with far more than I can, but I think that for a job interview you should pick a top that fully covers the girls. Especially when you’re an 18 year old trying to convince the world to Take You Seriously While You Find Yourself (but not at university. That’s for chumps with student loans).  But despite the boobage going on, I don’t hate it. I like the necklace. I even like the skirt on her (because let’s face it, unless you have Blake Lively’s body, you aren’t wearing that skirt).  Vanessa’s outfits are mostly not worth mentioning, which is a good thing for her.

Fortunately, they both finished the episodes off in outfits that kept their solid track record for poor sartorial choices intact. First off, more Hervé Leger for Serena:


(seriously costume department? Are there no other designers you can put her in? Maybe one – just one – that uses a teensy bit more fabric?)

Before you try and defend that dress, I need you to know about what you are not seeing in this photo: (a) those criss cross straps were completely distracting as they buckled and bunched every which way; (b) that dress had the shit bedazzled out of it; and (c) she wore it with a boyfriend style blazer. A blazer! I dig the whole boyfriend blazer look. I do. But not with sparkly sequney criss crossy strapped dresses. There is a time and a place for both of those things and it is never together.

Aaaaand….I can’t actually find a picture of the Vanessa dress. Just trust me when I say it was flowy and I’m pretty sure it was covered in some southwestern boho pattern and was not really what you’d wear to a movie premiere. Or anywhere.

But back on the subject of tank tops, this is what you wear to private schools on the Upper East Side these days:


Forget the kilt (I don’t think that’s a kilt under the tank top…hard to say)! Forget the jacket! If you’re wearing a designer vest and tank top. You see, you just get your dad to write a note to the headmistress that you are to be excused from wearing the uniform because you have gone haute punk and then it’s all okay. (actually, if she wore this with pants, I’d think it was a cute look for a teenage girl).

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