LA Girl Rock Star haul

So…. I was in Lawtons, lol. You guys know what would happen next, don’t you? 🙂

I found a treasure on sale. It’s the highly covetted LA Girl Rock Star collection. I habe been waiting for a good sale on the brand before forking out to get some of these beauties, but clearance sale would certainly be a lot better.

Among the 16 shades of the collection, I only found about 12 shades at the clearance table, CAD1.49 each. The best seller shade, Groupie, was certainly not there, but I was happy nonetheless.

First row, the dark ones: Rock Star, Punk, Party Animal and Supernova. These ones sure sucked me right in, I have the thing for dark, vampy shades.

Second row, the lighter ones: Crowd Surfing, Double Platinum, Live on Stage and Electric Guitar.

I left behind the pink/red ones, as I’m not a big fan of red shades. As the name hints, these polishes are very glittery/ shimmery, quite unique as a whole. I was so happy to find them, as none of the other Lawtons that I can get to has this collection anymore.

Which one should I try first? I might do a NOTD to order 🙂

This weekend is going to be a busy one for me and Squirt, filling our time up so we won’t miss the bf too much. There’s an incrEDIBLE picnic on Sunday to promote “buy local, eat fresh”, followed by a trip to the beach for a Sand Castle Festival. We’d probably spend all day with it, will update you all later (if you are interested in knowing how it goes). What’re you up to this weekend?

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