La Quaintrelle Lace Dress

It’s that time of the week again; time to get your fabulous fashion fix before you head into the weekend. Every Friday Short Presents features a fashion and beauty related blog post, from inspirational outfit ideas to in-depth look at trends spotted directly on the runway. I read a lot of fashion blogs, and watch a lot of Fashion Television and I just write about when I like what I see. Today’s Fashion Friday Post is inspired by my La Quaintrelle Lace Dress

La Quaintrelle Lace Dress
Quick shot before a night out at Brussels for Head to Toe Halifax

Flapper Dress Arrived!!! This dress could not have come at a better time, arriving just days before I was invited to attend a VIP party for the Head to Toe event here in Halifax for Paris a la Mode; I needed a dress and I needed it fast! I did not have time to drive to the mall, let alone try on racks of dresses.
I love this site for two reasons: I love anything that has a message behind it, and on top of that this site is vintage inspired. These pieces are both contemporary and vintage at the same time, impressive right? The white dress seen above sported by my friend, is actually vintage. She picked this up at a local yard sale here in the city; fabulous right? But you’d never know that either of these dresses were purchased separately. So what is a “quaintrelle”? you might ask.

A quaintrelle is defined as “a woman who emphasizes a life of passion expressed through personal style, leisurely pastimes, charm, and cultivation of life’s pleasures.”
The brilliant brains behind this operation, Meghan Finney suggests that: “for a quaintrelle, it’s important that her style and fashion express her inner-being and personality. Quaintrelles have a special charm, are enchanting, chic and demonstrate a bit of moxie!  Take a look through time and many quaintrelles come to mind – Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel, and Grace Kelly, to name a few.  These women demanded attention when entering a room.  Part of it was due to their “special way”, and some it was due to their fashion and style”.
At La Quaintrelle it’s not just about the clothes, but how one carries them selves in the clothes and I could not agree more with this philosophy. Often times when the garment isn’t your own personal style, it will wear you, and that is never good. You should always notice the woman in the dress first not the other way around.
Our dresses and other vintage products are unique in design and have some feature that is particularly “enchanting”.  Maybe it’s the fabric, maybe it’s the special collar design or belt detail.  Each dress has been carefully chosen because we believe each and every one we select is a dress that helps you better express who you are
I love this site for many reasons; it’s easy to navigate, and the shipping is very quick. Whenever you are ordering online you always run a risk of it making it on time for your specific event. *Note: these sizes run a bit smaller, so scale up to be on the safe side.

As you know I had the hardest time trying to make a decision of which La Quaintrelle dress I wanted because really I could have gladly taken any of them. As seen here with this previous post:
I decided to trust my instincts, and my blog readers and went with “The Flapper” dress, as seen here from the website. 

La Quaintrelle Lace Dress
$64.99 plus S&H

Thanks so much for all your help everyone in helping me choose the right dress for the H2T event; you’re awesome, and thanks to La Quaintrelle for this fabulous dress. Also thanks you Head to Toe Halifax for a great day of Fashion and Beauty at the Cunard Centre followed by a fabulous party at Brussels. We had a lot of fun, and our taste buds did too. Read more about the event at article coming soon!

La Quaintrelle Lace Dress

Check out more of the dresses at

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