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LA Splash liquid lipsticks

The day before Christmas, thought I should do a big post before some random break I might take during the holiday :) This is my huge Black Friday order when LA Splash Canada had liquid lipsticks for $12.

First bunch: Lip Couture (with gold caps, reg. $15.99 each) which are supposed to glide on as liquid, dry matte and never transfers.

The shades I chose: Criminal, Summer Bliss, Latte Confession and Ghoulish – 2 easy to wear and 2 adventurous.

I am not sure I would ever wear Ghoulish by itself but I wanted a piece of “legend” and it’s fun to pair up with a bold lip liner.

This was how they arrived – 2 different types of packaging in the same line. I certainly prefer the paper boxes, more professional looking but overall, outside packaging does not matter much.

The tubes themselves are ok, do the job. What bug me, however, are the safety stickers on them. They are necessary, I know, but the the residue they leave behind in this case do not come off easily. You know the “sticky situation” (lol).

LA Splash says Lip Coutures would be more drying and flake off/ fade faster if layered, but I do find it hard to get even application on the lips with just one layer of product.

Here are one coat each of Criminal, Summer Bliss, Latte Confession and Ghoulish, freshly applied.

Similar packaging situation with the Smitten lip tint mousse (with hot pink caps, reg. $15.99 each). The shades: Hypnotized and Inflamed.

They claim to be feather light, waterproof, smudge proof, dry to a velvet matte tint, not to transfer or fade. Can’t say that I notice these being lighter than the other 2 lines, and pigmentation is also equally good, not just a tint but full on pigmentation.

Lastly, the Studio Shine Lip Lustres (with silver caps, $17.99 each) are formulated with “fairy dust” that is activated when rubbed with fingers. I don’t know if I want to rub my finger onto these long wear lip colours though.

The shades: Dutchess, Selene, Medusa, Lady and one LE shade – Valentina from the Dia De Los Muertos collection with skull printed label on the cap (close enough to Medusa that I don’t think you need both).

The finish appears to be more sheer but I normally do 2 layers on the lips anyway, not a big difference. Dutchess (far left) and Lady (second from right) have red glitters in the tube, not very visible on the lips.

The lighter colours do not give me any issues but the 2 really darker ones (Selene and Medusa, second and third from left) go on slightly patchy and leave spots of colours when fade, require more maintenance.

I get about the same wear time with all 3 lines, 5-6 hours on average. They do fade with regular eating/ drinking and transfer slightly, but at the end of the day, there is still enough product on the lips to get by. Touchup is not really necessary. I suggest Elf Kiss It Goodbye lip color remover with long wear liquid lipsticks – leave on for 30 seconds then wipe off. Micellar water will take some hard rubbing.

Shipping from LA Splash Canada was $10 flat rate at the time but now free with $50 orders. There was a 10% off floating around on instagram, I am not sure it still works.

Have a great holiday, everyone!

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