Lancome Juicy Shakers

Lancome Juicy Shakers have made quite a buzz in the beauty industry because of the quite contradictory verdicts of how people either love or dislike them 🙂

I think it would come down to expectations (what you expect the products to do) based on what brands or other people tell you, so let’s get the basics out of the way first, then I will tell you how I feel about them.

I received 2 shades – Boom-Meringue and Wonder Melon, came wrapped nicely inside a real metal cocktail shaker (resembling the mini shaker shape on the Juicy Shakers).

Juicy Shakers are described as the first pigment infused bi-phasic lip oils that provide a wash of color and a hint of shine. Each shade coordinates with a scent, hinted in the shade names.

The first phase is a transparent oil for a lightweight, non-sticky shine, with a blend of 5 nourishing oils:

– Peach kernel oil softens lips
– Sweet almond oil conditions
– Apricot oil hydrates
– Cranberry oil provides rich antioxidant properties, and
– Muscat rose oil, rich in essential fatty acids, helps to soothe the lips.

The second phase is supposed to provide pigments for a touch of color.

By default, the 2 phases would slowly separate inside the “shaker” (tube) until being shaken to mix. They would emulsify but separates again on application so the pigmented phase can fuse with lips while the glossy film rises to the surface to sublimely coat lips.

This is potentially where most people dislike the product. Sure the lips feel great upon application but the oil sits on the surface for a short period of time and are too easy to rub off on things that your lips touch (i.e. the hydrating feeling is gone quickly too), hence the constant reapplication.

Note the 3 holes on the top of the tube where the cute and soft pointed cushion applicator comes into contact with the small amount of pigment and oil mixture underneath.

Instructions: Shake the tube like a cocktail shaker to mix the pigment and oil, then tap the applicator onto lips for a tint of color with sheer finish (or only on the corners of the cupid’s bow on the upper lip for a plumped lip look).

For more pigmented lips: use a lip liner or matte lipstick as a base before a Juicy Shaker.

Boom-Meringue is described as a pink with lemon meringue scent but goes on almost clear, and Wonder Melon, a fuchsia with watermelon scent, looks more like a pale pink on. The scents are great, quite fresh and non chemically.

So, these Juicy Shakes make you look cool during application (conversation starter, maybe) and feel awesome freshly applied (plus your lips smell gorgeously) but they need to be reapplied within the hour, which will make a lot of us question the price tag.

If you want to grab a shade to try, there are 14 on Lancome Canada website:
– Pinks: Berry in Love*, Boom-Meringue, Piece of Cake*, Mangoes Wild, Meli Melon and Lemon Explosion*/**
– Reds and Corals: Apri-Cute, Wonder Melon, Freedom of Peach, Cherry Symphony, Bohemian Raspberry**, Walk the Lime*, Great Fruit*/** and Vanilla Pop**.

Sephora and the Bay don’t carry all shades (shades marked with *: not available on Sephora website, **: not available on the Bay website). Canada also seems to miss out on Berry Tale, Show Me the Honey and Mint to Be (a blue colour!), plus 3 LE shades – Spice It Up, Good Kara-mel and It’s my Jam.

Ingredients: Diisostearyl Malate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Tridecyl Trimellitate, C18-36 Acid Triglyceride, Octyldodecyl Neopentanoate, Dimethicone, Alcohol, Mica, Peg-10 Dimethicone, etc.

Juicy Shakers are 0.22oz/ 6.5ml, $28 each.

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