Last day of 2010

We are having a BEAUTIFUL day today. The sun is out, the temps are warm, the snow is sparkling, really, we’ve had a great year here weatherwise in 2010. Tonight there will be a yummy dinner, a movie, Parade Square watching, backyard fireworks, some Times Square ball watching and good laughs with old friends.
Here are some links for this last day of the year…

Managed to make an end of year loan today …Kiva, small loans helping small entrepreneurs around the world. $25 CAN make a difference. I tend to fund women’s initiatives.

The passing of a legend. Steve McCurry uses the last roll of Kodachrome film 🙁

On her blog, Relyn shares some advice to her daughter.

Some amazing Aurora pictures from Northern Norway by Bjorn Jorgensen.

Happy New Year…..

Search Terms of the Year: Top Ten

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