Latest CAT ferry passenger numbers released (June 30 2022)

From Bay Ferries:

As referenced in our last monthly update on June 7, 2022, Bay Ferries Limited is providing this update on the Nova Scotia – Maine ferry service.

As of June 30, 2022, Bay Ferries Limited has sold tickets for 20,468 passengers who will travel throughout the 2022 operating season on the ferry service (last report was 15,100 as of June 7, 2022). This continues to be reasonably in line with pre-pandemic historical patterns as of this stage of the season.

Based on past patterns, Bay Ferries believes that over 65% of its total volume will be carried during July and August.

Based on historical sales after July 1 for previous years in operation (from another port) since 2016, this suggests annual traffic in the range of 39,000 to 46,000 passengers. However, the market is evolving rapidly, and conditions are changing by the day.

There are still several positive factors for a successful season as the service is relaunched after a three-year hiatus, but we have caution due to several external conditions, including:

• Fuel prices and rising inflation;

• Further COVID variants, lingering fear of travel, and people adapting during a pandemic recovery;

• Encumbrances, or perceived encumbrances, of international cross border travel (vaccine requirement for entrants to Canada and ArriveCan travel formalities).

As of June 30, 2022, the vessel completed 26 round trips with two weather cancellations. The service carried a total of 5,569 passengers and 2,468 vehicles.

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