Latest HRM statement on Victoria Park de-designated encampment location – Mar 4 2024

Over the past several weeks, the municipality has been taking a number of steps to provide supports to those experiencing homelessness in our region, and particularly to those sleeping rough in de-designated locations.

This morning, the municipality continues to move this process forward. As of Friday, March 1, there were six remaining people sleeping rough in Victoria Park. Municipal compliance staff are currently communicating with those remaining people to advise that they can no longer remain in this de-designated location.

The Province of Nova Scotia has assured the municipality that there are indoor options available for these individuals. The health and safety conditions in the park have steadily declined over the past few months, placing those sheltering in this location in an increasingly vulnerable situation. People in this location are being advised to immediately pack their belongings for transportation or storage and vacate the de-designated location.

Municipal housing and homelessness staff have been in contact with every person sheltering in the de-designated locations, offering them resources and supports, including transportation of people and belongings. Staff have also offered those continuing to sleep rough the option to have personal belongings securely stored for up to 30 days by the municipality.

The steps being taken are a continuation of the municipality’s measured approach, with the following significant efforts leading up to today, including:

  • On February 7, municipal staff provided a Notice to Vacate to all people sleeping in de-designated locations, with a deadline to leave the de-designated locations by February 26. Read the February 7 municipal statement here.
  • On February 23, the municipality provided a status update on efforts to support those sheltering in de-designated locations, with a reminder of the deadline to vacate by February 26. The municipality reiterated its commitment to longer-term solutions to the housing and homelessness crisis. Read the February 23 municipal statement here.
  • On February 28, municipal housing and homelessness staff visited each de-designated location to advise those sleeping rough in these locations to take immediate steps to prepare personal belongings, including tents/shelters, for storage or transportation. Efforts to communicate this with every person in these locations have continued since then. Read the February 28 municipal statement here.


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