Latest update from HRM about encampments and de-designated locations

Important progress continues to be made in supporting those experiencing homelessness to move indoors, since issuing the municipal statement on February 7 regarding the closure and de-designation of five locations for outdoor sheltering, with the Notice to Vacate by February 26.

Further to the progress announced in the municipal statement on February 23, Saunders Park is now completely vacated. This area remains closed to the public and will be assessed for any required clean up efforts.

The Province of Nova Scotia has assured the municipality that there are enough spaces available in indoor shelters and supportive housing options for everyone in the de-designated locations.

At the time of the municipal statement on February 7, there were approximately 55 individuals sheltering outdoors among the five de-designated locations. Latest numbers indicate that there are approximately 29 individuals still sheltering in de-designated locations. The province, service providers and navigators are discussing appropriate indoor sheltering or transitional housing options with those experiencing homelessness in the remaining locations. 

Continuing with the municipality’s measured approach, starting today, municipal housing and homelessness staff are verbally communicating the next steps of the process with people sleeping rough in the de-designated locations.

Victoria Park, Grand Parade & Correctional Centre Park

Today, staff are visiting Victoria Park and Grand Parade in Halifax, and Correctional Centre Park in Lower Sackville, to advise those sleeping rough in these locations to take immediate steps to prepare personal belongings, including tents/shelters, for storage or transportation. Efforts to communicate this information with individuals in these de-designated locations will continue until everyone has been informed.

Housing and homelessness staff continue to offer transportation of people and belongings to other suitable locations upon request. Secure, short-term storage is also being offered for a period of 30 days. Large waste disposal containers are being made available for people sleeping rough in these locations to dispose of anything that they do not wish to keep.

In the coming days, any items that have not been removed, or packed for storage, will be considered abandoned and these items will be placed in the disposal containers by municipal staff.

Access to electricity will be disconnected at Grand Parade and Correctional Centre Park on the morning of Friday, March 1.

Green Road Park

Municipal housing and homelessness staff have also been communicating with people sleeping rough at Green Road Park in Dartmouth.

Security staff will be reallocated from the de-designated location at Grand Parade to the Green Road Park in Dartmouth, currently the most populated designated location.

A large waste disposal container is being made available for people sleeping rough in this location to dispose of anything that they do not wish to keep.

Indoor Shelters

With colder temperatures coming later this week, as usual, shelters will be available for anyone who would like to move indoors. Ground Search and Rescue will check in with anyone in encampments to ensure that they know the option is available to them.


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