Latest update on de-designated encampment locations from HRM (March 8 2024)

Over the past several weeks, the municipality has been taking a number of steps to provide supports to those experiencing homelessness in our region, and particularly to those sleeping rough in de-designated locations.

Since February 7, of the approximately 55 people in these locations, three people remain.

Victoria Park

The health and safety conditions in Victoria Park have steadily declined over the past few months, which placed all people who were sheltering in this location in an increasingly vulnerable situation.

Since the park closure on February 7, municipal staff, housing and homelessness coordinators and provincial mental health services have been on-site multiple times to offer supports and resources to individuals sleeping rough in this de-designated location.

As shared in the municipal statement on March 4, five people vacated the location.

As of 8 a.m. on March 8, one individual remained in Victoria Park.

This morning, heavy equipment was returned to the park to continue on-site work. As has been regularly communicated with the remaining individual, municipal staff again advised that they must immediately vacate Victoria Park for their safety.

With the assistance of Halifax Regional Police, this individual was removed from the site without incident.

Municipal housing and homelessness staff will continue to offer resources and supports to this individual.

As this location is now vacant, fencing will remain in the area for the safety of the public and contractors as clean up efforts continue. Remediation work will begin with testing to identify contaminants in the soil and inform next steps. Parks & Recreation staff will complete a thorough assessment of the work required to return Victoria Park to its former state.

Pathways through Victoria Park will remain open with temporary closures for the safe operation of heavy machinery as needed.

Grand Parade

As of March 8, three people are in Grand Parade. Municipal housing and homelessness staff and Street Navigators are continuing to have conversations with these people, offering them supports and resources. The municipality is continuing to work with the Province of Nova Scotia and their service providers to find indoor alternatives for the people remaining at Grand Parade.

Fencing has been installed in the vacant sections of Grand Parade for the safety of the public and contractors as clean up efforts continue.

An update on the status of this de-designated location will be provided in the coming days.

Correctional Centre Park

As previously announced, Correctional Centre Park in Lower Sackville was vacated earlier this week.

Over the past several days, municipal staff and contractors have worked to clean the site and remove any remaining municipal property. The provincial contractor will be installing construction fencing in this area so that work can begin on the province’s tiny home community project. 

Supports Available

For those who do not or cannot accept an indoor option, Street Navigators and municipal housing and homelessness staff are advising individuals that there are four designated locations, and to consider moving to the designated location at the Barrington Street green space as it has power. Municipal housing and homelessness staff are continuing to offer supports and resources to these individuals.

When the process to de-designate and remediate de-designated locations is completed, focus will shift to the remaining designated locations and continuing work with partners and stakeholders on initiatives that will create additional shelter and housing alternatives for those sleeping rough. 


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