Latest update on youth who went missing during flooding (Jul 28 2023)

The search for the youth, who went missing on July 22 in West Hants during extreme flooding, is continuing.

On July 22, a man, a youth and two children, were reported missing after the vehicles they were travelling in were caught in flood water, in separate incidents, in the Brooklyn area.

On July 24, the remains of a 52-year-old Windsor man, and of one of the children were located. On July 25, the remains of the second child were also located.

The search has continued for the missing youth.

Through the use of industrial and high-flow pumping equipment, the primary search area has been completely drained of water and draining of the secondary search area is nearly complete.

The primary search area in Brooklyn has been thoroughly covered and the search in this area concluded last evening. Search efforts are now focused on the secondary area, which is immediately adjacent to the primary search area.

There is a tertiary search zone which runs along the shore from Halls Harbour to Brooklyn and, from Maitland to Brooklyn. Search activities in this zone are focused on the edges of the river systems that flow into the Minas Basin, and the zone is being searched primarily by air.

Over 60-70 searchers, including first responders and volunteers, per day, have been involved in the search.

Search efforts will continue through the weekend; all of the partners who’ve come together on this search are determined to recover the youth and reunite them with their family.

Since the beginning of the searches, teams from numerous Fire Departments, personnel from West Hants, East Hants, Digby, Annapolis County and Valley search and rescue teams, the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables, Nova Scotia Public Safety and Field Communications, RCMP Police Dog Services, RCMP Air Services, West Hants District RCMP, civilian contractors and, other partners, have all been engaged.

The hearts of Nova Scotia RCMP employees remain heavy and our thoughts continue to be with the victims’ families, their loved ones and their communities.

Source: Release

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