Launch of Plant of the Month Program

The Halifax Regional Municipality will be launching its online Plant of the Month program from June to September, at the Halifax Public Gardens.

The Halifax Public Gardens are home to more than 100 different genus species exotic plants. These plants, from America, Oceania, Africa, Asia, and Europe, are housed in greenhouses during the winter, sheltered from the cold, and planted in the ground with the arrival of warm summer weather.

As one of the finest surviving examples of a Victorian garden in North America, one of the main purposes of the Halifax Public Gardens is the presentation of exotic plants for residents and visitors. The online Plant of the Month program celebrates this mission and encourages the discovery of these plants both within the Halifax Public Gardens and in other parks located throughout the municipality.

Each month, from June to September, the municipality will showcase images and interesting facts about a select plant throughFacebook and Twitter. Information will also be shared about the location of the plant in the Halifax Public Gardens or one of the municipality’s parks.

As this is the first year for this program, staff will be assessing the public response to determine if this initiative should be continued moving forward.

For more information on the Halifax Public Gardens visit and follow @hfxrecon Twitter.


Source: Media Release

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