laundry room / mud room — take a look!

So…here it is!

After many months of savings, a long and frustrating permit and variance process, 2 ½ months without the ability to do laundry, a gazillion days of rain, 11 inspections and a whole bunch of other things….I’m ready to show you the inside of my new laundry / mud room. Here are a few highlights (some of which I’ll post further blogs about!):

• upcycled – vintage dressing table, vintage tulip chair, old wood door and a Value Village lamp.
• an amazing set of custom-made sliding doors on an industrial track
• new washer/dryer (Samsung, Future Shop)
• customizable shelving unit that gives me lots of storage space (Rubbermaid, Rona)
• a cool black utility sink and a DIY backsplash (Smart tiles, Home Depot)
• black silk curtains hung from the ceiling that beautifully disguise lots of hooks and shoe & purse storage snuggled up behind the door (Bouclair Home / Rona)
• a black and white floor with vintage charm (Kent)
• black walls (Black Iron, Benjamin Moore) and trim (Jet Black, Benjamin Moore)

I am very happy with the end result. It turned out even better than I had been picturing it all this time! I love it when something in your head finally all falls into place.

Believe me when I tell you that I never thought I’d enjoy doing laundry, but today, I do.

And I love coming home, opening the door and seeing this room. I’m not used to it yet…the last bits just got finished yesterday.

Actually, if I’m being truthful, there may be still a couple of little things to finish up but it’s so close to being done, I couldn’t wait another week to show you.

Hope you enjoy…I’m going to take a little rest now!

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