Lawtons updates

Ahhhh, it has been a while since I checked out Lawtons’ shelves. It is some kind of a routine for me to do a quick walk around to see what’s new and what’s on sale there. And I missed it 🙂

Last night Squirt left with her Brownie leader to camp until Sunday, so I had all the time for myself. Thought I would come to the mall to entertain myself and Lawtons was there lol.

First thing caught my eyes was the KleanColor crack polish display. Wait, what? I was just talking about this brand, now it just magically appeared in front of me? Fabulous! Right now I don’t see the regular colours yet, just the crackles (for CAD3.99 each, just like the US price on their website) but hopefully they will come soon as well. Thought those of you who have a Lawtons near by would like to know 🙂

On to my little haul. Some Marcelle and Annabelle products were on clearance for half price together with some random stuff. Made my night, that’s for sure.

– Marcelle Wild Pattern Multi-Use Pressed powder (eyes, cheeks, face) in Wild Giraffe, CAD8.47. This is one of the 3 powder palettes from the Feline Summer collection. I actually wanted all 3, but you know, self control lol. The lip glosses looked nice too, but I was afraid they’d be sheer.
– Maybelline Blue Brilliance from the Spring LE collection, CAD2.49. I know it’s sheer but couldn’t resist.

And from Annabelle’s Jungle Belle collection:
– Annabelle Glossy crayon for Lips in Fauvish, CAD3.98
– Annabelle Zebra Trio eyeshadows – Tropic Thunder, Savanna Sun and Exotic Escape, CAD5.48 each. These I couldn’t pass up and had to get all the shades there were, even when they weren’t in the best shape (notice some fall-out inside the packaging?).

I’m still missing the other lip crayon (Florish) and the Leopard bronzer, might have to hunt around now. I was waiting for this collection but didn’t get a chance to shop around before I left for Toronto. It’s exciting that both Marcelle and Annabelle are going animal-wild for this summer, and I’m totally loving it.

So what has everyone been up to this weekend? My blog turned 2 last Sunday (the same day my little Squirt turned 8). We spent a great day together, but I didn’t do much on the blog. Forgive me? Love you all!


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