Lazy Bones

So, I emailed my running buddy to let her know that I just wasn’t feeling the whole running thing this evening. I’ve had two very long days work-wise and just want to chill out tonight.  Luckily she was pretty cool with it and we’ve rescheduled for tomorrow night.

Since I was feeling lazy,  I opted to cheat a bit with Supper and made us pizza.

I used a store bought crust (*gasp*) and topped with old cheddar cheese, dry cured pepperoni, red peppers, onions and mushrooms.

It was as tasty as it looks! 😉

I have big plans to spend the rest of the evening curled up on the couch watching a Tori & Dean marathon.  I started DVRing the 4th season a few weeks ago and have gotten kind of hooked. 😉

In some exciting news, I won a pair of the coveted Red Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mittens from Crystal of Bye Bye Fat Pants.  I’ve seen these all over the blogosphere and was even considering putting in an order with Jaime’s Mom out in BC 🙂 (Thanks girl!) This was a great giveaway!!  Can’t wait to show them off!

And, after tweeting today that I’d love to do a cross border food exchange, Janna came to my rescue and is going to send me all kinds of goodies that I can’t get here in Canada.   Top of the list items include Barney Butter individual packets and mini Larabars.  I’m pretty excited about this and have already made a list of Canadian items to send her.

So, I would really appreciate all your advice on what other items I should request from the States.  Please leave me a comment with your top choices!! 

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