Le Chapeau

With its firm brim, and subtle fedora style I’ve pretty much been wearing this Joe Fresh hat none stop since it came into my possession. I mean, I’m only mildly obsessed with it.
I’ve noticed a trend while wearing this hat dearest blog reader, and I have to say it kind of makes me sad.

On many occasion people have said to me “oh I wish I could wear hats”, and they usually follow it up with some bizarre excuse. But honestly aspiring hat wearers, the only thing stopping you from doing that is you. You are the only one holding yourself back; I say if you like it, wear it. Who cares?! It’s just a hat, and there’s no reward without risk, so don’t be afraid to try something new because there’s no regret in that. There are SO many types of hats out there (and they come in a plethora of different sizes so no big head excuses will be accepted here) surely you can find one that works for you. You just gotta try!

FEATURED ITEMS: Hat: Joe Fresh (current) | Crop Top: Garage Clothing | Slip: Unknown | Knee Socks, Shirt Dress, sunnies, and boots: c/o Le Chateau | Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington |

Don’t even ask me what my motivation was behind this outfit because truth be told I actually have no idea. I started with wanting to wear an “exposed lace trimmed slip”, and then I just started piling things on. Somehow this happened.

You might ask you’re self, what exactly is going on here with this outfit. Not to worry I’m happy to break it down for you. What I’ve done here is layered a thin jersey skirt from H&M underneath my slip (which is burgundy I might add lol), so that it’s no longer see through (and ultimately more socially appropriate to wear outside), and I paired it with a halter crop top, and then layered it with a shirt dress and knee socks. No reward without risk right?

Happy Hat Wearing Friday Blog Reader! 
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