Le Tour de Netherlands 2010

Since we’re on a France theme, I figured I should mention Le Tour de France.
I was in Rotterdam for the start of it back in July.
July 4th to be precise.

Tour banner

Why it started in The Netherlands, I’m not exactly sure.
Apparently it’s normal to start Le Tour in a FOREIGN LAND.
And the Dutch do love their bikes.

Billboard building

I have to confess that I’m not actually a follower of Le Tour.
I find it too long and I just can’t commit to it.
You know, since I have the attention span of a brain damaged goldfish.
But my big sister is a big fan.

Yellow man

So when I found out (purely by chance) that Le Tour was starting in Rotterdam,
I decided to go.
And experience it on her behalf.


Rotterdam is only a 20 minute train ride from home.
Great city. Bigger than The Hague.
Lots of arts, dance, and music.

Car and motorcycle

So I was happy to go to Le Grand Départ.
I went with the intention of meeting a friend and cheering on the riders.

People, cars & bikes

But I couldn’t find her in the crowds.
So I just ended up walking around on my own.

Boat and bridge

It was a great party atmosphere that morning.
Lots of happy people wearing yellow.
Lots of sunshine.
Lots of bikes.
But I wish you had been there, Tracey!

*ahem*… Any chance you know who won the race?

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