Learning colours – with paint swatches and nail polish!

Our second guest blog post this week is from Carolyn Clegg, bringing us more fun activity ideas for kids! She makes it look so easy, doesn't she?

Thank you, Behr Paints!

Next time you’re in Canadian Tire pick up four or five brightly coloured paint swatches – then pick up a second set of the same four or five brightly coloured paint swatches so you have a duplicate set.

Paint swatches and clothepins

Take one set of your swatches and cut and glue one of the colour blocks from each swatch in a row onto a piece of cardboard. Take the second set of swatches and cut and glue the matching colour blocks onto a set of clothes pins.

Playing with swatches

Then have your little one match the colours on the clothes pins to the colours in the row on the cardboard. This is a fun way to learn colours and practice the fine motor skills it takes to pinch the clothes pins onto the cardboard.

Thank you, Abnormally Large Nail Polish Collection!

I’m not much of a girlie girl… until you get down to my toes. I have an abnormally large nail polish collection – in every shade of the rainbow. So, when I took a look at the swatches I had collected for the project above I realized that I had a handful of nail polish colours to match. And, so, that became a whole other colour activity. My little one had fun matching the nail polish colour to the right colour swatch.

Matching colors with nail polish

And, yes, then I have to admit that I took it a step further and actually painted my two-year olds toes. We painted one colour for each toe. I think this helped her learn her colours faster than any other activity! She walked around for days talking about her painted toes. To the point that I could no longer get shoes or socks on her feet because they would cover them up! Ah, a girlie girl in the making…

Showing off painted toes!

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