LED Streetlight Conversion Project Audit Report Released

**** Auditor General Media  Release

LED Streetlight Conversion Project Audit Report Released

Overall, HRM effectively managed the municipality’s conversion to LED streetlights, and have achieved savings from the switch, Auditor General, Evangeline Colman-Sadd, said in her report released today, November 20th.

The audit found management monitored project risks, schedule, and budget.​ Contracts had adequate terms and complied with HRM’s procurement rules.​ Project changes were properly approved.​

Project planning could have been improved.​ For example, there were weaknesses in how management evaluated project risk prior to Regional Council approving the project.​ Management assessed the project as relatively low risk but there was no analysis to support this.​ “For a project of this size, we expected to see a comprehensive risk assessment,” the auditor general said.

Management agreed to implement both audit recommendations.​

The report is available on the auditor general’s website at https://hrmauditorgeneral.ca/published-reports.​

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