LEGO fun at the Discovery Centre

Today Alex and I spent the afternoon at the Discovery Centre with friends. I'm a big fan of the Discovery Centre – it's a bit like a second home to us, and we visit it often, spending long afternoons there enjoying the various exhibits, both old and new, and the warm welcome from familiar faces. I think today was our third visit since the Wheels, Wings and Wave exhibit opened in January. I am now congratulating myself on finally posting about it – third time's a charm, like they say.

Wheels, Wings and Wave is a fun LEGO exhibit at the Discovery Centre until April. Amazing structures and replicas have been built using LEGO – space shuttles, airplanes, the Titanic, and even a race car big enough for kids to sit in! The kids enjoyed building with LEGO and racing their inventions down the race tracks.

It was difficult to get good photos with my little camera, but hopefully these will give you the idea. 

 Lego city

Part of a LEGO city

 Lego shuttle

Much more impressive in person – all built from tiny LEGO bricks!

Playing with LEGO

 Building the perfect LEGO racing machine

Racing LEGo cars

Who won? The blurry bits towards the bottom are the LEGO racing cars. Please excuse the bad photos!

This exhibit is definitely worth a visit or three. The Discovery Centre Shop now also has a good selection of LEGO kits and will be adding more to their selection in the future.

If you think you will visit the Discovery Centre often, consider purchasing an annual membership – a family one costs $75. Or use your ABC Family Card and get a free child admission with an adult admission, and receive 10% off purchases from the Discovery Centre Shop too. Kids two and under are always free. 

More information on hours, location and rates can be found on the Discovery Centre's snazzy new website.

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