Let’s Party: A Wee Wedding

Before you read this, I want you to know I’m definitely not one of those crazy party mamas that you see on TLC. In fact, I pushed hard for this to be a straight up princess party or even a fancy tea party….but clearly lost out on that.  

So…just in case I’m not the only one with a little diva who’s seriously wedding obsessed, I thought it would be fun to share some of the details of my daughter’s wedding themed 4th birthday party last year.

We printed the invitations on small pink paper in a fancy font and glued them to a slightly bigger piece of black paper.   We used traditional wedding wording (i.e. the honour of your presence…) and encouraged everyone to wear fancy clothes.

Pink and black decorations were a combination of clearance rack fabric for the table cloths, and leftover tulle from a friend’s wedding, balloons, fresh flowers from the grocery store and tissue paper pom-poms that we had lots of fun making.

           Let's Party: A Wee Wedding Let's Party: A Wee Wedding


We made veils for the girls by hot-gluing tulle to pearl hair-bands from the dollar store.  Black felt was used to cut out neck ties for the boys (although lots of them wore their own bow-ties) and we had stickers and sequins for all the kids to decorate their wedding accessories.

Let's Party: A Wee Wedding


We had the party in early January, so managed to find some fun photo snow globes from the discounted holiday section of the Superstore and had our daughter write a note to include inside each one as a giveaway for each guest.

Let's Party: A Wee Wedding


We bought a frame with a thick mat boarder for the guests to sign, which they loved doing.  A group shot from the party has since been put in the frame and it looks so cute on my daughter’s bedroom wall.

Let's Party: A Wee Wedding

Food was kept pretty simple with mini-platters of finger-food for each table and a tiered plate of mini-cupcakes with pink icing and black sprinkles.

Let's Party: A Wee Wedding


We played a few games but the majority of the time was spent on the dance floor, which even included a spontaneous dance of the bride and groom.  Oh my!

Let's Party: A Wee Wedding


All in all, it was a great party and our little darling was a blushing bride for the whole time, which was well worth every moment. 

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