Let’s Party: School’s Out

Ditch the backpacks, put away the pencil cases and store the lunch boxes – school is almost out and the freedom of summer awaits! Sounds like the perfect reason to party! Whether you invite all the kids on the street, a few classmates or just your family it’s time to celebrate your child’s hard work.

Just be sure to keep it casual and unstructured – unlike their last nine months of busy schedules and classrooms.  Here’s a few tips and ideas to help get your party started: 

Mark the Occasion:  Get out the sidewalk chalk and welcome your child home to a “Bring on Summer” message in the driveway or create a banner across your doorway for them to rip into to kick off the fun.

Fancy Fruit: A pretty easy way to add some flare to a fruit salad.  Use your imagination to carve a basket or bowl shape out of  a large watermelon and the kids won’t be able to refuse having fruit out of such a cool serving dish.

Flip Out: Have a new pair of flip flops ready and waiting for each child when they arrive in the door. There’s nothing they’ll like more than taking off their socks and letting their feet breath in the summer air.  Except maybe this fun flip flop cake that’s easy to make and will be even more enjoyable to eat!

Water Ways: Blow up the pool, pull out the sprinkler, pump up the squirt guns and fill up some water balloons for some all out water play.  Let loose, cause nothing will kick off summer better than a refreshing splash of water in the backyard.

What are some of the ways you’ll be celebrating the end of the school year?  Feel free to post your ideas below, we would love to hear from you.

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