Letter of Authorization Issued to Northern Pulp

The Department of Environment issued a letter of authorization to Northern Pulp today, June 25, after an inspection of the mill’s new electrostatic precipitator.

The letter confirms the company has met the terms and conditions for the startup and commissioning phase of the precipitator as outlined in the ministerial order issued May 28.

The new precipitator is expected to reduce emissions at the mill. There will be a commissioning phase where the new equipment is fine-tuned, which is expected to be finished by Oct. 16. Once complete, the mill must then comply with the new emissions limit outlined in the 2015 industrial approval, which is almost 80 per cent lower than the old one.

The order formalized requirements to restart production at Northern Pulp. The plant shut down operations on May 30.

The order can be found at http://novascotia.ca/nse/issues/northern-pulp.asp .

Source: Release

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