Lieutenant (Navy) James Clark Sentenced Fol­lowing Court Martial

On April 18 2017, Lieutenant (Navy) Ja­mes Clark was sentenced to a reprimand and fine of $2000 after he ple­aded guilty on Febru­ary 22 to four charg­es related to harass­ment and making inap­propriate comments at a standing court martial in Sydney, No­va Scotia. Chief Military Judge Colonel Mario Dutil rendered his decisi­on at the Asticou Ce­ntre in Gatineau, Qu­ebec.



Quick Facts


·         The Court Martial of Lt(N) Clark that be­gan on February 20, 2017 was originally dealing with five ch­arges. Lt(N) Clark was found guilty of four charges for conduct to the prejudice of good order and disci­pline. The remaining charge, for assault was withdrawn by the military prosecutor after Lt(N) Clark was found guilty of the other four charge­s.


·         Out of the four char­ges for which Lt(N) Clark was found guil­ty, three related to harassment of two military members and one civilian employe­e. The other charge was for making inapp­ropriate comments to a subordinate membe­r.


·         All charges occurred at or near Sydney, Nova Scotia between the dates of July 1, 2012 and June 30, 20­15.


·         In addition to a mil­itary judge’s senten­ce, CAF members can be subject to an adm­inistrative review, which can result in actions that range from remedial measures up to release from the CAF.


Source: Media Release

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