Limited oil release at Tufts Cove Generating Station


Nova Scotia Power’s Tufts Cove Generating Station had a limited oil leak from an exterior pipe at Tufts Cove that runs from onsite storage tanks along the harbour-side of the facility into the

Plant staff immediately activated environmental response protocols by shutting off oil flow through the pipe to stop the leak, deploying a boom in the area of the water nearest to the leak, and alerting the company’s environmental services contractors who happened to be onsite at the time.

Contractors have since installed a second, larger boom to contain the oil sheen that has been observed in front of the plant and a vacuum truck has initiated cleanup of the oil in the water.
Nova Scotia Power and its contractor will continue to implement environmental response and monitoring protocols until
all of the leaked oil has been cleaned up, including the water in the inlet, shoreline area and soil. Response efforts are proceeding as quickly as possible keeping in mind the safety of all involved in the containment activities.

Nova Scotia Power takes its environmental commitments very seriously. Each plant has a detailed response plan in place to minimize the environmental impact of such situations and provide operational protocols to safely and quickly address the issue. All appropriate operational procedures and protocols have been activated, and relevant regulatory bodieshave been notified of the incident.

A subsequent update on this situation will be issued tomorrow (FRIDAY) by 11:30 a.m.


Source : Media Release




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