Lise Watier 24hrs Glam eyeshadows

Was gonna make you guys guess what these beautiful pencils are (feel free to click to enlarge the pic), but the post tittle gave it away. So, Lise Watier 24rs Glam eyeshadows take the spot light today! 🙂

Heads up: The tone of this post is going to be a little dramatic, but I think these eyeshadows deserve that.

Spoiler: I was caught off guard at Lise Watier Feline collection (Fall 2014) at Shoppers, and then that surprise turned into love within 10 minutes at the counter.

Ready to dive in with me? 🙂

I knew the Feline collection has an eyeshadow quad that got quite a bit of raves on blogs, but hardly anyone mentioned these eyeshadows.

What they are: The 24hrs Glam eyeshadows are retractable eyeshadow sticks that are “waterproof, no transfer and very long lasting”. Can be used as eyeshadows, liners (not recommended inside the eyes) or bases for other eyeshadows. Paraben free.

Verdict: A few swatches later, and I added 3 to my basket. They went on smoothly like butter, dried very fast and did not smudge once set. What’s even better: the swatches did not come off with a makeup wipe and some rubbing action, only did with a makeup remover.

Bonus: Colour indication at the end of the tube (true to the colour inside, down to the glitter sheen) that hides a built-in sharpener.

Another heads up: All have fine glitters either in matching colour family – Bronze Glam (golden bronze with gold glitters) and Disco Glam (purple with pink glitters) or contrast tones – Midnight Glam (black with teal glitters). They do not feel gritty on nor bother my eyes.

Are you sold at this point, lol? Stock was already running low on certain shades, so if you want some, hurry on!

Here they are again, Bronze Glam, Disco Glam and Midnight Glam, 0.05oz/ 1.4g, $22 each.

Due to the pointed tip, the shades would need some back and forth swipes to make good coverage as eyeshadows or bases. And since they dry fast, blending work has to be done quickly. As liners, they are perfect as is.

Bronze Glam turns out to be closer to my lid colour than I thought, so go for Champagne Glam (light beige) or Satin Glam (beige with pink sheen) if you have medium/ olive skin tone like me.

I hope Lise Watier looks into making these in matte finish so they can make better bases. The price tag might hurt a little, but for the staying power, I won’t complain.

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