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Literary Horoscopes – Capricorn

Capricorn (December 23 – January 20)

In 2016, you will experience high levels of achievement. Evaluate your goals, develop new skills, and purge your life of factors which hinder your progress (especially unhealthy friendships).

Need some extra motivation to kick-off your year of achieving goals? Bernard Roth offers inspiration and techniques that are accessible and compelling in The Achievement Habit: stop wishing, start doing, and take command of your life. Stop wishing and start reading!

Maybe you’re having problems with unhealthy relationships getting you down. Need help putting sour relationships to rest? Jamye Waxman’s How to Break Up With Anyone: letting go of friends, family, and everyone in-between provides wisdom, encouragement, and guidance.

Whew! With the intense year ahead of you, be sure to take some downtime. A funny and engaging read is just the ticket. Try B.J. Novak’s One More Thing: stories and other stories. Novak’s debut collection of fictional short stories is fresh, witty, and often downright hilarious.

~ by Jannaya

http://discover.halifaxpubliclibraries.ca/?q=title:the%20achievement%20habit%20stop%20wishing%20start%20doing%20and%20take%20command%20of%20your%20life http://discover.halifaxpubliclibraries.ca/?q=title:how%20to%20break%20up%20with%20anyone%20letting%20go%20of%20friends%20family%20and%20everyone%20in-between http://discover.halifaxpubliclibraries.ca/?q=title:one%20more%20thing%20stories%20and%20other%20stories

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