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Little Girl Trapped in Red Tape

This is my daughter Rachel. She is 12. Typical Twelve year old most days but don’t let that deceive you. She is caught up in a mountain of Canadian red tape. You see my dear daughter was born in the United States: Carlsbad New Mexico to be exact. Well after my divorce some 12 years ago  I brought her home to Canada. We crossed the border no issues..after all she is a Canadian Citizen as I her natural mother am a Canadian citizen born here in Toronto as was my father and grandfather and so on.

Where the problem begins is that I only had 1 piece of ID for her. Her birth certificate that lists me as her mother. I have a certified copy of her social security number but not her card as the United States will not issue a card unless you are there in person. Rachel can not cross the border to get it, we tried to get it at the Canadian Consulate here in Toronto: that was a no go. Without her citizenship card Rachel has become a Canadian without rights:

  • in Ontario they will not issue her a health card, meaning no health coverage.
  • in Ontario she does not qualify for welfare with out that card meaning me her mother would get NO benefits for her.

Can you see how this might create a problem? Right now I am out of work and waiting on an EI claim so I applied. Today I was told they have to remove Rachel from my claim until I have that card, until I have proof of her immigration status well there is not immigration status as SHE is CANADIAN. So instead of getting $813…I am getting $413. Because of course they still had to take off the child support.Can you sense my frustration as I feel trapped in a mire of red tape. If you believe in prayer please pray for Rachel and me, that somehow we can finally break through the red tape. As well pray that I figure out a way to get an extra $400 within the next 7 days before my rent is due as I don’t think I can work a miracle status wise in that time frame. I need to find work and find it fast. I am a Jill of all trades so I am hoping that the 40 or so resumes I have out there turn up something.

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