Live Clean body washes

Continue on from Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal line, I want to highlight the 3 best sellers in their growing family of body washes.

Worth repeating that Live Clean body washes cleanse and hydrate the skin well, with subtle fragrances, 100% vegan and eco-sensitive. I have a hard time picking one over the other, so choose the one that suits your skin type with the scent that speaks to you the most.

Since scents are very personal, and I am not good at describing them, I would focus on the formula of these body washes and suggest a sniff test at the store.

The Coconut Milk moisturizing body wash restores moisture balance in the skin with Vitamins B, C and E, minerals and protein to bring elasticity and renew vitality to the skin.

The Exotic Nectar Argan Oil replenishing body wash is antioxidant rich to improve skin’s texture and elasticity.

To me, the scent is a little more delicate and slightly more appropriate for cooler weather, but that does not mean you can’t use the product all year round.

The Fresh Water hydrating body wash targets drier skin with Vitamin E and Hyaluronate Acid, which I will enjoy much more this winter.

I do realize body washes do not stay on the skin that long and neither do the scents, but they offer relaxing moments in the shower, and if they have additional nourishing properties, I am all for that.

Again, another great selling point with Live Clean body washes: affordable price range – $4.99 for 500ml bottle.

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