Local Fashion Designers Raise The Roof

What a night.  The designs ranged from confident classic cuts to Kim Munson and her Orphanage Clothing Brand, re cycling clothes to create a brave new world.  Stunning. 

In this video shot by our production team you’ll see the showcasing of NSCAD Students – Alison Seary, Sian Morris Ross, Jere Brooks, Oan Onesia Johnston, Robyn Stephens and Dancia Olders.    Designer Labels – Maxwell John, Laura Chenoweth, Sunset on the Eastside and Orphanage Clothing.  Hats off to Angela Sotiropoulos and all the AWF team. Not only will you see the classy models strutting their stuff but you will also be privileged to watch the head of the make up department, Donna Bramley giving you tips on colour usage as she deftly applys make up to a model on stage and then you can see Redken hair choreographer Tanya Ozlin make the hair dance.


A few stills from our coverage…




1862 – 2009. The Halifax Club Still Going Strong.

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